Early to mid-career African photographers are invited to submit their portfolio for consideration.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • For the purpose of the newsletter, an “African photographer” is defined as anyone who was born in any country of the continent; or is based there; or who has, within the past 7 years, produced a significant series of photographs within the continent. “Early to mid-career” is an all-inclusive term for photographers who wish to share their photographers with a wider audience.

  • Please submit a selection of 5-10 photographs by email to The images should be compiled into a PDF of no more than 5MB.

  • Include your name in the subject line, and a short bio in the body of the email.

  • There is no restriction on style or subject matter. A good way to grasp the diversity of work featured in the newsletter is to look at previous editions.

  • As the newsletter is self-run, no compensation is currently being offered for a feature.

  • Due to the number of submissions, kindly note that a response might take 3-4 weeks. Only photographers whose work are accepted will be contacted.

Thank you for your support for Tender Photo.

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