This is Tender Photo, a bi-weekly newsletter on African photography edited by Emmanuel Iduma.

Every Wednesday, I feature one photograph and the photographer who took it. You’ll read a short introductory note from me, and more importantly, a statement from the photographer. 

Every Friday, I publish a series of lengthier engagements with photography—by inviting commentaries from readers or esteemed writers, or by finding affinities in style or mood between photographs.

My goal for Tender Photo is to create a publication where people can engage with photography through the work of African photographers. I hope to reach readers willing to give some thought to how photography impacts their lives and shapes their perceptions. And I want to pay homage to the work of a diverse group of artists working in different forms of photography, including fine art, fashion, documentary, and editorial photography.

See the archive for the growing list of features and commentaries. Also see an interview with Tinashe Mushakavanhu in The Conversation on the motivations and ethos of the project.

To support Tender Photo, share the newsletter within your network, or, if you are an African photographer, submit your work.

Thanks for reading.

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Conversations on African photography.


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